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A Night with Wainwright

Last year, me and Pete camped out on Haystacks with Wainwright. Not right by the side of Innominate Tarn, at a respectful distance. We could see Pillar and, with a little walk, all the way down the valley to Buttermere and Crummock.

The weather was amazing.

We met at 7.00pm at the Bridge Hotel and had a beer outside to discuss tactics.

Then we had another just to make sure we both knew what we were doing and the tactics were absolutely clear. Then we had anoth…

No we didn’t, we left before the third or we would never have left. We headed off down the left side of the lake.

We followed Warnscale Beck, went up passed the bothy and Blackbeck Tarn, which is my favourite way up.

It’s at this point I could waffle on about the delights of the Haystack’s summit, but why bother when I can leave it to Alfred himself.

I made an attempt at a fancy photo. Here’s Pete gazing down the Buttermere Valley. That may or may not be his third beer in his hand, not telling.

Don’t worry, Pete can drink 10 pints when he puts his mind to it, so he didn’t fall off the top.

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