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About me

I am the author of The Lake District Survival Guide, and, unfortunately, that drawing is what I look like.

On this page, I think I’m supposed to try and impress you to make you like me better, so here’s my attempt.

I have a wife and kids. Quite impressive for someone who looks like that sketch, I think you’ll agree.

My dog quite likes me (the rabbit not so much).

I’m good at Monopoly, ask my wife and kids. They’re the ones sitting on the sides of the board without the piles of cash.

I have reached the age of 53. Well done me.

I’ve walked all the Wainwrights, quite a lot of them more than once.

I wrote a book.

I’ve been in the newspaper, click here.

I make a living from thinking of stupid things and printing them on tee shirts.

And I’ve been on the telly, here’s some photos:

It was one of the wild cards on Sky Portrait Artist of the Year. I didn’t win, but it was a good experience and I was happy to be selected.

This is my painting of Emeli Sande, it’s not the best but it had to be done in 4 hours, that’s my excuse.

Ermm. that’s about it, really.

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