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Born Lucky

Hands up, are you lucky or unlucky? Well let me put you out of your misery, you’re lucky – you found this amazing website didn’t you?

And after you’ve read this post you’ll be even luckier.

Let’s be scientific before you become skeptical, because skeptical is not going to help.

Psychologist Richard Wiseman did an experiment on over a thousand people. He gave them all a newspaper and told them to count the number of photos in the whole newspaper. On the second page he placed an advert taking up half the page. The advert said: ‘Tell the experimenter that you’ve seen this advert and win £250.’ People who called themselves unlucky missed the advert and people who thought they were lucky spotted it. So the evidence is undeniable – unlucky people can’t read.

Wiseman, thankfully, is cleverer than me and he drew a different conclusion. Lucky people have a broader attention spotlight, this gives them the ability to see the bigger opportunities. Unlucky people are good at focusing on the job at hand but they miss those chances that lucky people notice. Even if they spot an opportunity they usually don’t take it for fear of change and doing something new.

First step to luckiness – you need to be on the look out, or should I say luck out, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, laughed a bit too long there, sorry.

Secondly, get yourself a lucky charm. Lucky charms are comforting and lucky people usually believe in them. Lucky people cross their fingers and touch wood, unlucky people break mirrors and run away from black cats. As humans we don’t like the idea that the universe is a random uncaring place, we like to think there is something we can do to tip the balance in our favour. Get yourself a lucky charm.

Write down the good things that have happened to you. Unlucky people focus on the disasters of the day and worry about how people see them. Forget other people.

Write a blog and get a million hits a day like this one. Irrational optimism is good. If you think your idea is the best idea in the world, your irrational optimism might get a few others off the fence and on your side.

Resilience. When bad things happen lucky people bounce back, unlucky people plummet into a ‘Why me, god why did you do this, why, why, aaahhhhggg?’ spiral. Keep out of the ‘Why me, god why did you do this, why, why, aaahhhhggg?’ spiral.

Put the work in. You’re not going to get lucky sitting on your sofa, because that would just be lucky. Pick something to do and do it. Arnold Palmer said it best after his golf ball bounced off a tree and into the hole sixty yards away: ’the more I practice the luckier I get’

Practice, don’t give up, carry a lucky charm and keep your eyes open for new opportunities, then you too can be as successful and handsome as I am going to be someday.

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