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Brave the Cumbrian countryside with The Lake District Survival Guide

By Emma Walker Reporter

A full-time funny man and part-time author has published his first book, and it might just save your life – or at least make you giggle.

Ian Young has always enjoyed writing and doodling, producing children’s books and setting up blogs, but has never got round to publishing his work.

But as his one of his witty blogs was spotted by publisher Inspired by Lakeland last year, Ian’s dream of sending a book of his out into the world has now come true.

“I’m really excited about The Lake District Survival Guide,” the born-and-bred Cumbrian said.
“Whatever you do, don’t expect the book to give you any serious survival tips – it’s a light-hearted look at Cumbrian life.”

Born in Workington and now living in Wigton, Ian has spent his life wandering the fells, learning all the tricks of the trade to equip him with material for the guidebook.

These handy nuggets of advice cover everything from using Haribo to coax your children on during a hike, to rules for wild campers – providing plenty of opportunity for “dad jokes” to make their way on to each page and give readers another chance to smile.

The 53-year-old’s personal favourite tips are “to source water in the Lakes, just tilt your head back and wait”, and “don’t mention zipwires anywhere near Thirlmere”.

He said: “I think you have to know and love an area to take the wee wee out of it a little, not too much though.”

On top of writing enough tips to fill a 123-page-long book, Ian also illustrated the survival guide, featuring historical figures, his children, and plenty of sheep.

And when he isn’t tapping out stories on his computer, the Futamura worker paints portraits and landscapes, as well as selling his cartoons on t-shirts, hoodies, posters, cards, mugs and coasters on

Publishers Inspired by Lakeland are certainly glad Ian shared his Cumbrian knowledge with them, describing the book as “in equal measure amusing, silly, occasionally touching, but always entertaining”.

To make sure you’re prepared for a walk around the countryside, grab a copy of The Lake District Survival Guide for £8 from bookshops around the county, or online at

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