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Lockdown 13 – Paintings

I’m missing the Fells (imagine a sad emoji right here)

I had an essential journey yesterday to help my wife out at work in Cockermouth and as I was driving along the A595 when I saw them in the distance for the first time in weeks, they looked amazing.

Grasmoor and Whiteside looked stunning as always, Skiddaw over to the left looked, I’m going to say majestic, even though I sound a bit like a football pundit. But Skiddaw’s in acres of space and looked good on paper. If I was hiking up it, I’d be giving it 110% even though there’d be tired legs out there, but, it’s lockdown, so that would be a schoolboy error. Look, it’s a game of two…

I’ll stop that.

The problem is, if you can’t do something, it makes you want to do it even more, how childish is that?

So instead, I looked through some old photos and got my maps out where I’ve plotted all my routes. This may seem sad to some, but I really enjoyed it. Looking through Wainwright’s books is a trip down memory lane and always a pleasure.

Below are a few paintings I’ve done over the years. They are based on photographs I’ve taken when out and about.

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