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Lockdown 8 – Boredom Explained

Because you’re reading this page, you will have no idea about the concept of boredom. But the moment you’ve finished and you again feel a bit lost and wistful in a big bad coronavirus world, then I think it might be helpful if you knew what causes this strange sensation we call ‘fed up to the back teeth.’

The good news is, to be bored you need to have a certain level of brain stimulation and it’s a comforting thing to know something is still happening behind your vacant features. If there’s nothing going on in there and you don’t think you have anything better to do, the technical term for that is ‘relaxed.’ So you have a synapse still firing, which is good news, and you have a feeling you should be doing something better than picking out that stubborn one from the top right nostril, that’s when boredom kicks in. You have energy which you think should be devoted to something else.

Other times you might get bored is when you find it difficult to focus your concentration on one… I think I might have beans on toast again tonight?… thing. Maybe you have too much that you can do: This Morning or Homes under the Hammer or Come Dine with me or should you let your index finger scroll aimlessly down Facebook until those images of cakes and gin and tonics… wonder if Ant and Dec or still on this weekend?… When your mind jumps from one thing to another, this makes you feel bored.

My preferred method of being bored is daydreaming, like imagining if I hired a spy to spy on a shepherd, would he be a shepherd’s spy. You would think this would keep your mind occupied, but apparently the more your mind wanders the more bored you feel.

And this is the biggy, boredom especially happens when you don’t have control of the situation, which is exactly what’s happening now. We’re stuck in. Day after endless day, thank god the clocks went forward at the weekend and not back. The outside seems all the more amazing because of that.

As usual with my posts, there’s no real point to them. But at least when you’re bored you know why.

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