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Lockdown 9 – Exercise

So we need to keep fit and my daughter forced me to do Joe Wicks PE workout. He was in a Spiderman outfit and we had a full Spiderman workout and, guess what, I enjoyed it. Spiderman is still my favourite Superhero, despite Toby Maguire crying all the time, so I was loving it, especially running away from the Green Goblin, climbing skyscrapers, shooting webs at baddies on the left and then on the right. A couple of times I actually did go ‘phhetewww’ which is the sound a web shooter makes, but my daughter found that embarrassing so I was told to stop.  Here’s me in action

I got through that and then my wife came downstairs and wanted to do Just Dance on the Wii. So I stood behind her moving one arm to Pointer Sisters ‘I’m so excited’ and other upbeat tunes for about half an hour. This took me back to my youth because that’s how I danced back then. 

After that, I decided to do some exercise. Our house has a PG rating, so if I want to watch any films or boxsets that might involve the slightest naughty word or fighting or anyone jumping out on you, I watch it in the garage on my cross-trainer. I desperately wanted to finish ‘Riddick,’ because I empathized with the inner struggles of the character and, with a sense of deep sadness and inevitability, I knew there was no way Vin Diesel was going to get out of this one alive. But guess what (spoiler), can you believe, against all the odds, he survived.

Those were his parting words, wise words indeed Vin, wise words. 

I came out of the garage feeling physically and emotionally wrecked and the dog was sitting at the door with a sad expression. She always has a sad expression, but I could tell she wanted her allocated hour of outdoor activity. So we went on our family walk. I’m classifying this as exercise but it was mostly standing around watching her sniff at damp stains on the ground.

On the whole, it was an active day. Joe Wicks would’ve been proud.

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