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Some Pubs I like in The Lakes

Old Dungeon Ghyll – Langdale

Bit of an obvious choice, but it’s the best cow barn in the world, so it’s worth a mention. Every climber that ever lived as been to this bar, this is obviously not true but it sounds the right thing to say. It’s old, it’s got beams and a fire and no one cares if you spill your beer.

Drunken Duck

This feels a bit more upmarket than other hiking pubs, so make sure you give your armpits a quick sniff before you enter or you might get booted out.

Apparently, there were some ducks and they got drunk (surprise) when some beer leaked out in the cellar. The landlady thought they were dead, so she started plucking them. She felt so guilt when she realised they were just hammered, that she knitted them each some jumpers.

The dangers of drinking demonstrated right there.

Kirkstile Inn, Loweswater

This place is great, but there is no need for me to big it up because it does a great job itself.

According to their website, it been around since Henry VIII was thin and it’s ‘one of the most famous bars in the Lake District, and one of the greatest beer gardens.’

Original home of the modestly named Cumbrian Legendary Brewery.

Big heads, but if you know you’re good…

This page is a work in progress… I will endeavor to visit more pubs. The book has more in…

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