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Versatile, wind resistant, durable, no not me, Pertex

It’s worth buying a Pertex jacket/windshirt just so you can show how clever you are to your thick friends.
Thick Friend: ‘You haven’t been sweating at all, you look as dry as a bone.’
Clever You: ‘That’s Capillary Action Technology for you…’ glancing with affection at your Montane Litespeed.
Thick Friend: ‘eh…?’
Clever You: ‘Capillary action – draws water through narrow spaces. Pertex has thousands of capillaries within the fabric which moves moisture between the fibres and spreads over the surface of the jacket and evaporates.’

Once your cleverness is beyond doubt, whip out your Nobo board and move on to Denier Gradients.

Denier Gradients
Pertex combines two different yarns with different properties. On the inside is a yarn with larger filaments, on the outside a yarn with smaller filaments, capillary action loves to move moisture from larger filaments to smaller filaments. Your thick friend will now ask ‘How does that work?’

Simply say to them: Imagine a bundle of very fine fibres, and a same size bundle of thicker fibres. The bundle of finer fibres has a greater surface over which moisture can spread – so they will evaporate moisture more quickly. The moisture from the inside is directed to the thinner fibres from thicker fibres by capillary action .

The driving force behind all this is your own body heat.

Thick friend: ‘But is it windproof?’

Clever You (in a patronizing tone): ‘Of course, you fool, the tight weave of the outer surface gives good weather protection and wind resistance and also makes the garment much more durable.’

Your thick friend will now be over the moon that you have enlightened him/her and will live happily ever after with you as their outdoor deity.

Thanks for reading.

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